Biology Battle

30 03 2010

Another awesome ranker.

Small plot: Your a nanobot, helping the immune system from the inside.
Gameplay: Mostly a GridWars ripoff, but better graphics, better gameplay, boss-like stuff, awesome effects, and multiplayer compatibility. Up to 4 players! Too bad I don’t have so much USB slots…

Anyway it’s great, it’s awesome, full support, go get your paws on it.

Sorry about the short review.


24 03 2010

This is my newest addiction! So Much fun!!

Basically: An arcade-style tile breaker.
The Ugly Truth: It is soo much more. Check out this youtube vid.

Doesn’t it make you drool?

Anyway, back to my peace of the cake: gamepad compatibility at it’s finest. Literally plug n play, which is normal for my regular rumblepad 2, but the cordless usually needs configuration, tho it is recognised. Not here. And Co-op with 2 gamepads… it’s just mindblowing.

Try it out if you can get your hands on it!

Gamepad: Awesome

Lego series

26 02 2010

I wanted to get these out of the way: Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones (2),

I (or we) played them all, it’s a tradition, every time one comes out a bunch of friends gather up, we stay up all night untill we beat the whole game, take turns at playing, and the pros stick around for the extra gathering too.

They are all great with gamepads I can say that without dubt further back and even for the future. And the fight always went for the controller, not the keyboard, untill I got 2.

I will post a new article when the new Lego game (Harry Potter as far as I know) comes out, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Play them with gamepads people!

Gamepad: Awesome

Super Laser Racer

26 02 2010

Genre: Action, Racing
Developer: New Star Games Ltd
Publisher: New Star Games Ltd
Release Date: 2/19/2010
Platforms: PC

This is a littl’ somethin’ somethin’ I got directly from steam. Don’t know if they retail it or not, I think they don’t, but when I started it up, and it said “Joypad Detected” I knew I had to put it up!

Well the menu only works with the mouse, even if you stand on your head, but the game was more enjoyable for me with a gamepad (as always). I am an alltime Wipeout fan, and sine it has no adaptation to pc (only the late, late one) this gave me some fun gamepad time. Blastin’ foes while cornering with speed.

But since only the in-game has support for the gamepad it can only achieve a fair score here.

Gamepad: Fair

Tomb Rider: Underworld

26 02 2010

Release Date: 11/18/2008
Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, Your mom’s toaster
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genres: Action, Adventure
Review:Click Me!
Told you. This is not a racing game.
So, Tomb Rider, the source of all our childhood suggestive themes. This is the kind of game, which I know I played with the usual mouse+keyboard in the biggining, but nowdays couldn’t think of any other way to play it, but a gamepad. There is support. Almost full. Minor programing issues tho: the helps/hints are preprogrammed, so they don’t change if you switch to a gamepad. Standing on a switch with a box in Lara’s hand, a gamepad in yours (and hopefully nothing else), and the game will tell you, to press CapsLock to throw the box. Well F you! And this all through the game: “Press G”, “Press H”, “Press E”, “Space”, I’M ON A GAMEPAD MORON!!
Anyway, after you figure out which is which, set up the gamepad sensitivity so one snees doesn’t make Lara spin around like someone having a seizure, it’s all fine. Menus support the pad too.
One small hint tho, which I suffer through most of the time: Forward is always where Lara is facing, not the camera! If you point the stick in the way the camera angle suggests Lara should jump she will jump right next to the platform and into the abyss… Thank Allah for the quicksave… (indicated by a little tingling sound which drives me nuts, personally).
Gamepad: Fine


26 02 2010

Release Date: 10/9/2007
Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX360
Publisher: Valve
Developer: Valve
Genres: First-Person, Shooter
Trailer:Click Me!
Spoiler: This is the main reason I created the ‘W00t?’ category in the first place.
It is said that people play this on console. I don’t know but I don’t dubt it…
I know that it’s by Valve, so it’s on steam, so it has the same start screen as hl and l4d so I was never hoping for a full support. That said, I was never hoping for what I came up on.
I’ve set the gamepad up, everything seemed ok, let’s start the show: and I couldn’t look up or down. The left analog handled the walking fine, and the right one looked around horisontally but, not vertically. Not one pixel. And I tried everything. I even switched the axels, and that way moveing the stick up and down turned my test subject around (which was strange by the way) so it knew it was there… Untill I can put my hand’s on the problem I consider it to be Lame…
Gamepad: W00t?


26 02 2010

Release Date: 9/16/2008
Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX360
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Black Rock Studio
Genres: Racing
Review:Click Me!
I know, I know: still racing games… there will be others I promise.
So, my history with this is only a few days old: this was the only usefull new game I could find while searching for gamepad games.
Well I’m proud to present, that the game is a dream for sofa-gamers. Full support (well except one little thing), just as it is in that “Big Book” people talk about.
Everything I previously said about racing games and gamepads can be said here aswell: Precise steering, etc. This has the best menu as far as I know for gamepads, everywhere I wanted to go I could go immidiately. And while you wait (which you do alot) your chosen driver and built ATV is shown, and you can use the analog sticks to turn around and zoom in a bit. A nice touch indeed.
One little thing tho: Almost unmentionable, but when you start up the game, you have to press ESC or Enter. Nothing on the gamepad will get you going. Dunno why couldn’t they add that small sacrafice when all other segments of the game support gamepads perfectly, but it’s not that big deal.
Gamepad: Awesome (truly, truly awesome… I had to get the OST…)


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